How to choose the best football boots?

Many parents sometimes ask us what soccer shoes their children should wear for the camps, since depending on the surface, some models are worthwhile. Although it may seem the opposite, knowing how to choose types of football boots is essential for many reasons and one of the main ones is to avoid the risk of injuries, which for a child who goes to enjoy a football campus is one of the worst things that can happen. As they say in Spanish: “Las mejores botas futbol niño son las que le permiten desarrollar su talento“, which means that the best football boots for kids are the ones that let them develop their talent.

But let’s forget that and to avoid it we’re going to show you the types of football boots that exist, so you won’t make a mistake when buying the ones that the little ones are going to use in training, as well as knowing which ones to use according to each playing surface. With this small guide you will know the characteristics of each sole and much more. Here we go.

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